The idea of LaBoul® wine dispenser came from a Bag-In-Box wine and juices consumer who was unhappy with the style and look of cardboard wine and juices boxes. How can we dress our favourite BIB wines in an elegant and colourful way so they look better on our table?

LaBoul®  wine dispenser is a concept enabling you to enjoy the increasing choice of BIB wines and their excellent value for money by placing them in a remarkable and extremely practical wine dispenser.

Both its cleverness and design are products of 100% Belgian business and development.

Whether always chilled thanks to the gel ice pack, or at exactly the right temperature, share your favourite drinks with LaBoul®! The BIB bags are available from our online shop and will also let you mix your own cocktails and fruit juices!!!

LaBoul® wine dispenser is available in a wide range of colours and will undoubtedly brighten your table and your home.

Family gatherings, parties, barbecues or pre-dinner drinks… LaBoul® No bottle, only BIB and bags!